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stop and see the cross

stop and smell the roses

stop and see the cross


This Easter was the first time Anna Kate took interest in the real Easter story. Sure, she was excited about the bunny and the candy, but she was very interested, fascinated even, by the story of the cross and Jesus dying for us. It was to the point where she would ask us to read that same story at bedtime for a week. She began to recognize crosses every time we passed a church while driving. She even saw the letter t and said “hey, it’s a cross!”

Although I know she doesn’t fully understand why Jesus died on the cross and what that means for us – for her, it’s amazing to see her get to know her savior. Everything is more fun to watch through the eyes of a child.

Anna Kate is a “stop and smell the roses” kind of kid. She isn’t in a hurry for much (unless she’s running from you, but that’s a whole different blog post ūüėČ ).¬†Her appreciation for things that I might not even notice has taught me to slow down and enjoy the day to day. If we spend life waiting for the next big thing we can miss the joy intended for today.

We were driving down the interstate one day and Anna Kate spotted a cross¬†on a church. Driving 70+mph, we sped past it pretty quickly. Anna Kate asked to go back about 100 times, but of course we couldn’t.¬†We had spent a weekend in Nashville and if you know anything about traveling with children you know that meant we had ZERO sleep. We were ready to get home and rest and there was not a chance of us taking the next exit and going back to see a cross that she would likely see again several miles later. We live in Alabama – crosses are everywhere. Thankfully, she didn’t put up much of a fight and we had a peaceful ride home and she was just as fascinated by the next cross we saw.

This did get me thinking though.

Does our time¬†with Jesus resemble the blur of a cross we catch from the corner of our eye?¬†Are we often so busy getting to where we’re going that we don’t stop and see the cross?

I know there have been times in my life where I’ve been too busy to have quiet time. I’ve tried to take on my problems all by myself. I’ve looked at my circumstances¬†and have seen no way to overcome. I’ve let the enemy rob me of peace. I have missed¬†the cross and the power that comes with it.

Imagine what life could be like if we slowed down and saw Jesus in every area of our lives.

When you really think about it, what is more important than that?

Jesus intended for us to have a relationship with Him, and believe me, it is for our benefit. This world moves fast and the enemy loves for us to be distracted, too distracted to remember the cross and the power available to us. The power to overcome. The power to find peace, joy, healing, and love.

The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.  1 Corinthians 1:18

I want my time with Jesus to look more like I stopped the car, got out of the car and admired the cross before me. I want to be like Anna Kate and acknowledge the cross everywhere I go and in every circumstance.

Stop and see the cross.


february happenings


Jordan and I have started eating a paleo diet… right before my BIRTHDAY and VALENTINE’S DAY. Not cool. We’ve managed to have some pretty good meals though. It’s just lunch time and weekends that are difficult.

Or when I see a pizza commercial…

Ryann turned 7 months on the 7th.. which happens to be the day before my birthday (helllo 29) and on my sisters birthday.. so happy birthday to us!

Ryann is¬†FINALLY sleeping. Pretty much on the regular now and I’m forever grateful. She’s sitting up and saying “dada-dadadadada” all the time.

We love that little sweetheart. Speaking of sweetheart.. Jordan did way too much for Valentine’s this year.. as usual. He spoiled the girls and me.

In return, I made him a steak dinner and a paleo chocolate pie. Cooking and baking paleo really is a labor of love. Nothing is easy or cheap that is paleo.


So this happened…

I’ve warned Jordan in the past that if anyone ever had a box of free puppies in the Walmart parking lot then he’d be in trouble. I didn’t know how weak I was until I actually saw one.. he’s lucky I didn’t come home with the whole box.

He knew who I was when he married me though.

Anna Kate is in love anyways.

She named her Fuli, and if you’re familiar with the Lion Guard then you’ve heard that name before. I swear this kid is me made over.. I had like 3 puppies named Nala (from Lion King) when I was a girl.

Anyway, she has played outside more than ever before, so that’s great.


Here are a few other happenings (and I realize most photos of my girls together are in shopping carts.. not sure why):

Whitney + Dex | The Wedding

Whitney + Dex were married on a beautiful (cold, but beautiful) day in December! The atrium was the perfect place for a winter wedding because although it’s indoors the lighting is amazing. We didn’t have to go outside for portraits! I just loved every single detail.

The bridesmaids getting a first look at the stunning bride!

Whitney.. you are gorgeous!!First look sweetness!

Whitney has the sweetest relationship with her little sister. It was absolutely precious to see!!Father of the bride giving the bride away is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding. So sweet!

February 14, 2017 - 7:17 am

Julie Copestake - Great job Amanda and Jordan, Loved it all.

the day you were born | Anna Kate | 9.13.13 PART 1

It has been over 3 years now but I remember every moment like it were yesterday. Looking back now, I myself was just a kid (a 25 year-old married kid) having a baby. I had no clue what lie ahead for us. I was excited and nervous, but mostly excited. You were a miracle and I couldn’t wait to meet you.

Part 1 – trying to conceive you

We tried for 6 months to conceive you. That isn’t very long in the scheme of things, and esp. compared to people will real infertility issues, but to me it felt like an eternity. I knew I wanted you so badly and I feared that I might not be able to have¬†children. During the sixth month (December 2012) of trying to conceive you, a friend at work pointed out that my thyroid seemed to be swollen. After visiting a doctor and scheduling an ultrasound confirming thyroid nodules, I determined that this was probably the reason we hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. Of course I did online research of my own and I read that the thyroid can greatly affect fertility; some not ever being able to conceive or carry a baby to term. I felt at peace about waiting until we got my health under control before trying again and we decided to stop actively trying until we figured out what was going on.

My thyroid levels were “normal” so I wasn’t put on medication, but the doctor wanted me to take a radioactive iodine uptake test to see what was going on. This test required me to be off of B vitamins for at least 8 weeks before the test since these vitamins could skew the results. I had been taking prenatal vitamins to get my body ready for pregnancy, so I came off of them to clear the vitamins from my system.¬†This 8 week wait saved your life.

I couldn’t get an appointment with an endocrinologist until April. So I knew I’d be waiting until at least then to get some answers.

I had to put you on hold, so I thought. I looked at my nieces and nephews (your cousins that you adore) and longed for a child of my own to love. I prayed and begged God for you. On Christmas Eve, your cousin Ella was adopted into our family and it was a joyous moment. I thought about how maybe your Daddy and I might adopt one day, esp. since I wasn’t sure if we could have children.

Two days after Christmas, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I wasn’t late, but I had taken so many tests over the past several months that it just felt like a normal thing to do every so often (you’ll understand when you start trying to have children of your own).

I waited the normal 2-3 minutes and didn’t see a second line so I just laid the test down and went about my business. When your Daddy got home that evening we had dinner and relaxed like we always did before having kids (ha!). I showed him the test and said “I took another test and it was negative”. He was used to me showing him tests and I was past the point of convincing myself there was a line. This time, though, he said “I see a line!”. It took me by surprise. I was used to “seeing a line” and then him not being able to. I looked at it and there was the faintest line ever. I couldn’t believe it. So I didn’t.

We decided to go to the drug store and buy the expensive tests and wait until first thing in the morning to test again.

I woke up at 6am. That was very early for me back then.

I was shaking when taking the test.

I waited what seemed like forever (3 minutes).

It was positive.

Still shaking, I woke your daddy up and told him the news.

It was a moment I’ll never forget. One of the happiest moments of my life.

I began praying from that very moment that I would be a good mommy.

If I had taken that radioactive iodine uptake test, it would’ve been in your earliest days – days before I would’ve gotten a positive pregnancy test. It could’ve prevented me from ever getting that positive pregnancy test.

I knew right away – God. No one but God. He created you in my womb. He has a powerful plan for your life. Thank you Lord for this precious gift!


Blowing Rock, NC Wedding | Rachel + Matthew

No hurricane could keep Rachel and Matthew’s wedding day from being anything less than beautiful! We’re weren’t in the eye of the storm, but hurricane Matthew (fitting name, huh?) did cause some strong winds and rain the entire day. It didn’t phase anyone a bit. The day was full of so much joy and laughter!

We were blessed to travel to Blowing Rock, NC and shoot their wedding at the Chetola Resort. Rachel had grown up visiting there and it was the perfect venue to marry Matthew.

Rachel Matthew Weddingak_2nd_birthday_965ak_2nd_birthday_966ak_2nd_birthday_967ak_2nd_birthday_968ak_2nd_birthday_969ak_2nd_birthday_970ak_2nd_birthday_971ak_2nd_birthday_972ak_2nd_birthday_973ak_2nd_birthday_974ak_2nd_birthday_975ak_2nd_birthday_976ak_2nd_birthday_977ak_2nd_birthday_978ak_2nd_birthday_979ak_2nd_birthday_980ak_2nd_birthday_981ak_2nd_birthday_982ak_2nd_birthday_983ak_2nd_birthday_984ak_2nd_birthday_985ak_2nd_birthday_986ak_2nd_birthday_987ak_2nd_birthday_988ak_2nd_birthday_989ak_2nd_birthday_990ak_2nd_birthday_991ak_2nd_birthday_992ak_2nd_birthday_993ak_2nd_birthday_994ak_2nd_birthday_995ak_2nd_birthday_996ak_2nd_birthday_997ak_2nd_birthday_998ak_2nd_birthday_999blowing_nc_wedding_001blowing_nc_wedding_002blowing_nc_wedding_003blowing_nc_wedding_004blowing_nc_wedding_005blowing_nc_wedding_006blowing_nc_wedding_007blowing_nc_wedding_008blowing_nc_wedding_009blowing_nc_wedding_011blowing_nc_wedding_012blowing_nc_wedding_013blowing_nc_wedding_014blowing_nc_wedding_015blowing_nc_wedding_016blowing_nc_wedding_017blowing_nc_wedding_018blowing_nc_wedding_019blowing_nc_wedding_020blowing_nc_wedding_021blowing_nc_wedding_022blowing_nc_wedding_023blowing_nc_wedding_024blowing_nc_wedding_025blowing_nc_wedding_026blowing_nc_wedding_027blowing_nc_wedding_028blowing_nc_wedding_029blowing_nc_wedding_030blowing_nc_wedding_031blowing_nc_wedding_032blowing_nc_wedding_035blowing_nc_wedding_036blowing_nc_wedding_033blowing_nc_wedding_034blowing_nc_wedding_037blowing_nc_wedding_038blowing_nc_wedding_039blowing_nc_wedding_040

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